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Definition of #funny

lipMajority of women today never leave home without even a touch of lip color or lip sheener on. Lipstick, a makeup tool that was once associated only with prostitutes or theater performers (even witches), is now part of every girl's vanity kit. Gone are the days when wearing lipstick was cause for persecution or judgment. In these moderns times even, women are becoming more adventurous with their shades, veering from the conventional nudes and reds and experimenting with different colors for whatever reason. With this great leap in its evolution and social acceptance, it is only fitting that the world celebrates #NationalLipstickDay online. After all, why not? We can't really be sure where the concept of holding an unofficial National Lipstick Day started. It could be a marketing tactic by the makeup companies. Regardless, the event has given birth to a hashtag that has managed to be worldwide trending topic. And when a hashtag like #NationalLipstickDay trends, expect posts not just of promos and special offers, but moreso messages of empowerment and, basically, a photo barrage of some of the most interesting lipstick executions found on social media. As of this writing, #NationalLipstickDay has reached 35,000 tweets and made almost 300 million impressions. [caption id="attachment_308456" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Courtesy of Analytics Courtesy of Analytics[/caption] [caption id="attachment_308457" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Courtesy of Analytics Courtesy of Analytics[/caption] Here are examples of how some brands are riding on this trending hashtag. lip1 lip2 lip3 lip4 lip5    [ More... ]

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