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Definition of #funny

twitterbirdIt seems everyday has turned into a opportunity for Twitter users to reminisce on the good old days. At first, all the oldies but goodies photos were dedicated only to Thursdays, hence, #TT or #ThrowbackThursday. This had meant that people had to wait for a week if they wanted to post more vintage photos -- and do so excitedly. Those were the days when anticipation still existed on the micro-blogging site. While technically, anybody can post at any day and any time on Twitter, the creation of #TT gave users something to look forward to every week. It had become a shared experience for people all over the world -- at least until the other days stepped in and showed they could do the same. And so, #FlashbackFriday and #WaybackWednesday was created. Now, we have #YAllRemember on a Tuesday. As if people still haven't gotten tired of looking back at the past, #YAllRemember opened doors for those who simply cannot wait to join the other days' global hype to post poignant, funny, sometimes incriminating, photos of themselves, friends and loved ones. It become so popular it actually hit trending status in the U.S. yall1 It also trended worldwide. yall2 As of this writing, the hashtag has¬†reach16,400¬†tweets and nearly 22 million impressions. [caption id="attachment_308049" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Courtesy of Analytics Courtesy of Analytics[/caption] [caption id="attachment_308050" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Courtesy of Analytics Courtesy of Analytics[/caption] Let's look back at some of the posts that will (hopefully) make your smile. yall4 yall5 yall6 Do you think this trend will be a recurring one? Tell us in the comments!  [ More... ]

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