SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2015
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Analytics for #seo

Hashtag analytics for #seo are presented below for the past 24 hours using Twitter's streaming API for a 1% sample of all tweets. Upgrade your account to view more detailed information.

Definition of #seo

Search Engine Optimization – The goal of the search engines is to rank content in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) based on its quality and value to real people. SEO enables content to be readable by the “machines” and allows search engines to “see” the same value as humans for the purpose of placement in the SERPs relative to the quality and usefulness of the content. Classically, SEO has been technical in nature, for example structuring the html on webpages (on-site SEO) and managing anchor text on inbound links (off-site SEO). Classic SEO combined with good content and working within the terms and service of the search engines is considered “white hat SEO.” There are ways to “spam” the Internet by manipulating and taking advantage of weaknesses in the systems to get content to rank well. This is commonly referred to as “black hat SEO”, which makes for a bad Internet experience for all. Good SEO improves the Internet and search engine experience. Initially, SEO was based merely on technical foundations, such as meta data and links. Nowadays, SEO relies also on less technical actions, such as blog engagement and social media.  [ More... ]

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