5 Traits Of Successful Job Seekers On Twitter

January 10, 2013
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Twitter is the second biggest social media platform online and has been recognized as a solid venue to create professional relationships -- and to get jobs. The platform focuses on the use of micro-blogs or snippets which only allows a maximum of 140 characters whenever online users create posts. Despite the limitation, Twitter has been credited by thousands for helping them find their dream jobs. If you are currently looking for employment and plan to use social media for a change, Twitter will give you everything you need. This way, you don?t have to spend anything or waste your time in fruitless searches. Here are the basic traits you should have in order to make your job hunt a success.

1. Honesty.

If you wish to get hired on Twitter, never lie about your background and capabilities. Some people make the mistake of claiming to have all the educational background and skills and then regret being assigned to positions that require special types of education as they claimed. Potential employers can also easily sense if you are trying to brag about your credentials and can quickly identify false statements. Be honest in the things that you can do especially when asked about your main strengths and weaknesses.

2. Diligence.

Exert time and effort in making a reputable account. Fill in your personal details without compromising your privacy and put a good photo of yourself. Expand your network and make it a habit to stay visible by sharing tweets and making original posts. Get in touch with others in the same industry as you are eyeing on. Tweet regularly and update the information on your profile. Continue searching for potential employers online by spending several minutes mastering the tools and features on Twitter.

3. Initiative.

Potential employers have a bigger tendency to hire people who are always the first in everything. Post topics that are relevant to the industry. Make sure that these are fresh and new so that others will also deem you as a reliable source of information. Look for people who can provide you with current trends and issues and the post these in your own words. Be the first to know about world events and update these through tweets as necessary. If there are job postings online, also be among the first to apply using Twitter.

4. Managed inconspicuousness.

You have to learn the balance between being an active Twitter user from being an online nuisance. Twitter users will more likely follow you if the posts you make are original and relevant to their own interests. Avoid copying other people?s posts and do not keep drawing attention to yourself for no significant reason. Otherwise, you may be deemed as a spammer or too arrogant by potential employers.

5. Leadership.

Companies are always looking for people who have the capacity to lead. You can show your leadership on Twitter by keeping your following to follower ratio positive. This means that people actually respect your posts and opinions and you are constantly managing things. Somehow, your reputation on social media sites will matter a lot because online users look up to certain individuals whom they consider relevant and useful for their objectives. This will give the impression that you know how to work with a team, as well as know how to add value to the company.

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