Crowdfunding Site Joins the Hashtag Wagon

January 30, 2013
kickstarterKickstarter is a crowdfunding website wherein creative projects get financial support, depending on how popular they become on the site. It is a social platform, although not a social network, where projects are made and developed by individuals and then shared to others. Now, it's recognizing the importance of hashtags. The company announced the new development on January 25, 2013, making use of the social media tool to aid in discovering projects that need support. Kickstarter is generally responsible for rotating and putting tags so users can easily find these on various parts of the site such as on the Discover page or under Categories. Individuals who wish to properly categorize their project should add a tweet at Kickstarter. Over the past months, Kickstarter observed that trends, subjects and themes tend to appear at random after submission. Their idea then is to properly categorize and tag?these so that the trends will be properly disseminated and grouped. Although categories properly arrange the topics, tags will further help by putting ideas of the same kind in one place. The company says that the use of hashtags will complement the available categories so people can easily find new creations and back projects. Because of the new change, users can expect to find a number of fresh tags on the Discover page on the navigation bar (found on the right portion of the site). The tags will also be updated regularly. Online users can then find great campaigns to support. The site itself will most likely manage the tags that will be made available. Even though hashtags are generally used on Twitter, other social networks also incorporate these because topics can easily be found by users by simply typing the prefix ?#? together with the metadata tag. The introduction of these on Kickstarter is expected to bring in more support for projects.

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