US Agencies Address International Recruitment Through Social Media

September 10, 2012
Social media in the past few years has become the reliable choice of groups and companies searching for information, posting news and staying updated with their specific topics of interest. Recently, social media has been focusing its sights on students from all over the world. Traditionally, college or institutional websites were the usual sources of information and platforms for recruitment.

Twitter For Study

Today, more students are relying on popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to get more news from academic venues and have also discovered its relative convenience and effectiveness. A survey was conducted among almost 1,600 students from 115 countries. Based on the findings, over 50% rely on social media accounts controlled by institutions in the United States before they start sending applications. About one-third rely on social networking to get the necessary information. However, only 16% incorporated agents. According to other observations, social media in the United States are more popular in some countries than others. It is important for different educational institutions around the world to start considering the use of social media more if they wish to spread information as well as bring in prospective students.

4 Types Of International Students

International students have been categorized into four types namely: strivers, strugglers, explorers and highfliers. Strivers are described as students with limited financial capacity but high academic capacity. Explorers are the opposite of strivers. Highfliers are regarded as rating high in both financial and academic capacity, while strivers are the exact opposite. Based on the survey conducted, more students in certain countries tend to fall in one or two of the categories mentioned. Educational institutions can rely on social media to get the necessary details and consider the effects of accepting international students to become part of their college or university. Furthermore, US government agencies and institutions are also contemplating on getting more international students to save more because of the anticipated budget deficits and cuts. India and China seem to show a lot of potential in offering students defined as strivers. Social media tools and platforms can effectively render the details to accurately define a particular applicant. International recruitment is a matter seriously considered by US institutions and public agencies.

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