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January 31, 2013
Another Art Gallery by mtsofan, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License??by??mtsofan?
If you wish to further your appreciation of art on the microblogging world, you do not have to go far as Twitter will provide you with all the news and details pertinent to the industry. There are a number of popular hashtags where you can immediately get the latest updates and activities revolving around your favorite art events and artists. As an artist, you can use Twitter and hashtags as platforms to let the public see your newest work and invite discussion; possibly even buyers (if you're selling). You can communicate with other aficionados and discuss creations from different parts of the globe. Share your insight and get more information from blogs and related posts online. The Hashtags Staff gathered some of the most followed art-related hashtags on Twitter right now.

1. #Art

The hashtag discusses all things creative and artistic. You can view photos and other great artworks from different makers.


2. #ArtsEd

People who love to learn more about art as well as related news and articles can visit this ongoing hashtag conversation.


3. #Artsblog

The hashtag stems from AFTA or Americans for the Arts and focuses on culture and art news from different parts of the United States.


4. #Artgallery

Many of the discussions talk about people?s personal collections as well as their experiences in some of the great galleries and art museums in various parts of the globe.


5. #Artinfo

The hashtag has online users talking about some of the greatest pieces in history as well as their own interpretation of local artworks.


6. #Artnews

The hashtag talks about the latest updates and activities surrounding art as well as the rising stars in the business.


7. #Artlovers

The hashtag is casual place for people who make and appreciate art to share their own views and news about art.


8. #Painting

Individuals who love paintings will find some of the best works from artists in different parts of the world.


9. #Photography

Avid photographers and photo fanatics will like seeing some of the best shoots from various locations.


10. #ModernArt

#ModernArt provides a casual setting where people can talk about their takes on various modern art pieces.


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