5 Hashtag Advertising Don'ts To Avoid Like The Plague!

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Advertisers and brands are using hashtags more often than traditional approaches and tools and with very good results. There are rules to follow, to ensure that the target audience responds accordingly. Provide good quality content and offer good advice to participants instead of merely offering a sale. Here are some advertising don't?s when using hashtags to keep your current followers and gain more in the future.

1. Don't be too general or complicated Hashtags should use simple and readable words that are easy to remember. When people log on to social media sites, they should remember the hashtag just by recalling basic keywords that are highly related to the topic or event. Use two to three words at most, using proper capitalization, spelling and numbers to provide separation and make it more distinct. The hashtag should stand out from others discussing the same topic to draw the right users in.

2. Don't hashtag every word in your tweets Many marketers hashtag several words in their posts, which annoy or confuse many followers. Use one or two hashtags at most, placed in the beginning or end of the post. The tweet itself should suggest what the hashtag contains and lure people in by giving a short caption or description. Putting too many hashtags only shows ignorance or want of attention.

3. Don't talk about another topic Host Jenny McCarthy made an error by creating the hashtag #AskJenny to support her anti-vaccine movement. The intention was noble, there's no arguing that -- but the problem was that she had also asked unrelated questions and provided irrelevant statements that do not talk about anti-vaccination at all. Social media users were quick to use this error as a way to hijack the hashtag and provided sarcastic answers that suggested vaccinations.

4. Don't outrage social media users Some advertisers do not put much thought in their commercials by creating impractical and unrealistic scenarios that incur the people?s wrath. For example, #ekbwk or ?Every Kiss Begins with K? was created by Kay Jewelers to promote its jewelry line. However, social media users commented about their ill feelings for the insensitive date who was even rewarded a necklace in the end. Instead of boosting sales, Kay Jewelers had to deal with people?s hot reactions. Not good, at all.

5. Do not talk about old news Social media users are always looking out for interesting and fresh topics. When advertising, be sure to stay updated with the latest trends and events. Look for opportunities to stay visible to the target market by coming up with original and creative ideas that offer reliable and accurate information. Being too generic or copying other successful hashtags or ads will most likely make you lose followers. Participate in social media events and work with social media leaders to attract your audience properly and boost hashtag awareness and success. IF unsure, see where the others have succeeded or failed so you don't make the same mistakes and know where to improve.

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