How to Write a Great Twitter Bio That Gets Followers

July 15, 2012
Now that you've finally created a Twitter account, the next step is to build a profile page. The primary objective of Twitter is to get information out to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. This is why users can share links?and other announcements as they see fit with their tweets. In the same way, their followers retweet?links and information that are important to them -- and the chain goes on. If your main goal on Twitter is to gather as many followers?as you can, then you will have to come up with a profile bio that will not only attract other users but will also make them want to follow you. Similar to a first impression, how you package yourself in your Twitter bio spells the difference between one click to Follow and one click to move on and ignore.

How To Make Your Twitter Bio More Interesting

1. Use your real photo (and a decent one, at that).

Twitter users appreciate getting into an online conversation with a real person whose real face they can see. Posting your real photo gives the impression of sincerity and shows others that you're not on Twitter just to stalk celebrities and play mind games.

2. Don't leave your description blank.

Write something short about what you do or what your key interests are. Keep this description under 160 characters as it will be cut off mid-sentence and make you appear like you talk too much or are sloppy.

3. Cliches, buzzwords and jargon may work for a specific group of marketers, but if you want a horde of followers, stick to the clear and concise.

Borrowing words from others makes you sound fake. Also, labelling yourself as 'social media guru' can be pretty annoying, unless, of course, you truly are an thought-leader (in which case you will be placing something more specific in your bio and not telling people how much of a 'guru' you are).

4. Don't type like tweener.

TyPiNg LiKe tHiS iS ReALly AnNoYiNg and will certainly NOT make your follower numbers go higher.

5. Type in your areas of expertise if you want to be recognized as an authority or write down things you are passionate about to attract like-minded people.

If you want to be found on Twitter Search, you can optimize your bio to include keywords that will bring your target audience to your profile. For example, if you're using your Twitter account to promote your fashion webpage, you can write something like 'fashion lover and blogger' on your bio, so that people who search 'fashion blogger' will be led to you.

6. Add a bit of personality to your bio.

People like to engage in conversations with individuals who put spunk into everything. But don't overdo this, though. "Follow me if you dare" on your bio makes you look like you're trying too hard. Getting followers on Twitter requires active campaigning and engaging in conversations and online events. Followers do not simply click that button without knowing who you are, unless you're a celebrity. What's the best and worst Twitter bio you've seen? Share it with us in the comments!  

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