Burger King's #TBT: The #SubservientChicken Returns for 10-year Anniversary

April 29, 2014
One of Burger King?s most beloved and famous mascots in advertisements past is Subservient Chicken. In lieu of its decade anniversary, fans are asking for the franchise to bring back the popular bird. Burger King initially shared a photo of the Subservient Chicken on Twitter on April 24, 2014 and wrote, ?We miss you, Subservient Chicken #TBT?. The fast food chain also featured advertisements which looked similar to a missing persons bulletin, providing a photo of the brown and white chicken and asking fans whether they have seen him. Several newspapers featured the advertisement to fans? delight. The hashtag #SubservientChicken was created where fans can talk about sightings of the mascot and some of the franchise?s delicious treats and sandwiches. The website SubservientChicken.com was also resurrected. Before, a giant chicken was available to take orders from customers. Now, there is an empty room and a couch. A pop-up window will appear with the statement, ?Help, There?s a chicken on the loose and we are desperately trying to find him.? chicken1     chicken2   SubservientChicken.com features the latest whereabouts of the mascot and resort to the hashtag #FindTheChicken if they catch a glimpse of the bird. Further advertisements are expected from Burger King for the 10-year anniversary of Subservient Chicken, including a short movie and digital video called ?TBD?. A new product called ?Chicken Big King? was also launched for the anniversary celebration. Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer of Burger King Corporation said, ?This sandwich is a big deal so it felt fitting to partner with the Subservient Chicken who is a pop culture icon.? Check out how far it's gone so far with its hashtags. Courtesy of Hashtags.org Analytics Courtesy of Hashtags.org Analytics   Courtesy of Hashtags.org Analytics Courtesy of Hashtags.org Analytics The recent advertising strategy of Burger King hopes to bring back its successful run 10 years ago, using the same character. Subservient Chicken had a major role in the ?Have it your way? campaign, where the chicken would answer to commands from visitors of the website.

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