What Does The Online Consumer Want?

November 26, 2013
Business owners and marketers are always finding ways to appeal to existing and potential customers. Considering how millions of consumers today resort to social media and mobile devices to shop and avail of products, companies have to innovate to communicate effectively with the changing trend. Learn how consumers respond to the rise of social media then develop ways to respond and increase user engagement. Hashtags among other tools will help bring in new sales every month.

1. Direct communication

Consumers admit that they feel a disconnection between themselves and the brand they used to patronize very well. Over the years, companies continue to innovate and modernize technologies and systems, which may have adversely affected the way they deal with customers. Although social media dominates the way purchases and communication are done, many customers still prefer the traditional approach of walking in an establishment and getting personal services from real people.

2. Executive connection

Many customers also feel that many corporations lack personality because only the salesmen or those in the lower tiers communicate with them. Through social media platforms, some companies have been making huge changes by creating personal accounts for the business CEO or President. The goal is to let the executives or high-ranking officers understand what the consumers want by talking to them directly. Customers also feel more special by having the right medium in which they can forward their grievances or share their positive experiences with the brand to the people who manage the company.

3. They like follow-ups

Many online customers get turned off by companies that seem to immediately ignore them after they purchase items. Companies should refrain from seeming as if they are only interested in making a quick sale. Instead, they should learn how to follow up on customers and get feedbacks regularly. Having good customer support and after-sale services will greatly improve the reputation of businesses and encourage long term and loyal clients.

4. Sharing insights

Customers also want to get involved in the way products are made or developed over time. Companies should provide opportunities for clients to share their own experiences and feedbacks so that the brand can continue to innovate and improve its products based on the findings. When customers see the changes from the suggestions they made, they are more likely to patronize the brand because of the given response.

5. Updates

Social media also allows brands to communicate quickly to target customers and keep them updated with recent products and advancements in the company. People like the idea of being informed. They feel more important when they get personal messages. Use tools like tags, direct messages and mentions to target key individuals online. Also provide rewards and bonuses to loyal customers. These individuals can refer the brand to others and convert ordinary followers into loyal clients. Choosing a particular popular event then advertising with it can generate big results such as #crackinstyle which was made by the pistachio company by capitalizing on the widely popular single by Korean pop star ?Psy? and the Super Bowl. Successful hashtags are based on actual research and are intended to respond to the current needs of consumers. Learn how to listen to the requests and suggestions of loyal consumers to experience long term success in the industry.

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