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Hacker Claims To Be Responsible For Facebook Outage In Europe

Facebook's European sites experienced down times recently, with an anonymous hacker claiming it was his handiwork.

NYPD Looks For Young Potential Criminals on the Internet

New York police try to get ahead of local young criminals by tracking their social media activities.

Protect Your #Privacy: What To Never Share On #Twitter

It's easy to aimlessly post details of your life on Twitter, but there are some things that should be for your eyes only.

Verified Accounts: What Are They?

The verified account badge confirms the legitimacy of the Twitter accounts you are following.

Twitter Management 101: Blocking And Reporting Users As Spam

Thank goodness Twitter has given us the power to choose who to follow, who to unfollow, and if need be, who to block.

All About Twitter Age Screening

Twitter has partnered with Buddy Media to create age screening solutions for brand markets to connect with the right age groups online.

What Are Protected Tweets?

Protected tweets allow you to control who views your posts.

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