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definition for: #50ShadesofYellow

September 26, 2015
1 Definition for Hashtag #50ShadesofYellow
The war that has yet to be focused on? The war the armed male declared on the unarmed female! and declared because she wwasn't born good enough for men! Born male! This war, the male gender declared against the female, is not bound by geographical borders, religions, or nations, but just gender! and it is the glue that binds them altogether! The Female in this war, has been severely punished for her failure to be born male, in a world that idolises masculinity and despises anything outside of that. 50 Shades Of Yellow Is the collusion of armed men never wanting to be in the same position they put the female in, Totally disarmed and left at the mercy of fully armed men, without any means of escape! In a world that is anti you, there is no where to run to and no hiding place!
September 26, 2015
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