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definition for: #7GoalPlanner

May 24, 2016
2 Definitions for Hashtag #7GoalPlanner
The 7 Goal Planner is the most concise and effective tool for focusing us on what is most important and accomplishing our goals. It is effective because it is based on three very powerful Biblical principals from the One who knows us best, our Creator. It is concise to ensure that your time is not wasted and that you can start using it now.
May 24, 2016
Are you ready to start spending each and every day completely focused on the most important goals God has for you? Are you ready to have a crystal clear vision of what your goals are and the best plan to accomplish them? Are you ready for a planner that integrates God and His plans for you into your daily schedule? The Bible holds the solutions to all these questions. There are powerful principles that will show you how to maintain a constant focus on what is most important and how to plan so that you and God are working together on your goals. With the 7 Goal Planner you will be able to learn these principles in three minutes or less and start utilizing them today.
May 24, 2016
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