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definition for: #CasSimFX

February 9, 2018
1 Definition for Hashtag #CasSimFX
Casualty Simulation Effects are the realistic visual representation of wounds and wounding associated with trauma or a traumatic event that causes significant injuries or mass casualties. Either hyperealistic Simulation Bodies, live actors or a combination of both are made up by qualified medically experienced subject matter experts with the use of false blood products, make-up product and skin coloured silicone sleeves that are highly durable and wearable. The casualty simulation effect sleeves can be worn next to skin and can be blended in for realism. Sleeves can represent compound fractures, foreign objects, burns and major trauma. Casualty Simulation Effect sleeves allow clinicians to perform wound packing, dressing and stabilisation of a patient with extensive wounds.
February 9, 2018
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