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definition for: #ChickenMafia

October 15, 2013
1 Definition for Hashtag #ChickenMafia
Chicken Mafia is a slang, derogatory name for the chicken Supply Management system in Canada. The Chicken Mafia members are all individuals and organizations who directly or indirectly benefit from the monopoly created by Canada's Federal and Provincial Governments. The Chicken Mafia, through their delegated powers, regulate the growing, buying, import, export, selling, pricing, transportation, marketing, and advertising of chicken in Canada. The Chicken Mafia use their powers to charge 300% more for chicken meat than the same chicken outside Canada (eg. available in USA), and to prevent or limit locally produced, affordable food. The Chicken Mafia has its own private police force ("Chicken Police") who claim to have the power to search and inspect any place without warrant, seize chickens & meat & business records, and laying charges against anybody they suspect of violating the Chicken Mafia's rules.
October 15, 2013
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