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January 20, 2014
1 Definition for Hashtag #F1GPSponsor2015
F1GP Sponsor 2015 is the first sponsor program of its type; the sponsorship of a Formula 1 car in 2015, giving an opportunity to F1 Grand Prix fans and the public in general to have their name inserted within a logo on a Formula 1 car for an entire season. This is of particular interest to F1 fans who have significant birthdays or grooms celebrating their wedding in 2015 as this event represents a once in a life time opportunity to share an experience with 1000 other people from across the world who take this sport to their heart. The event will be marked with 3 main competitions and draws producing prizes with a total value in excess of ?100,000.00. The entire program is run in association with our media partner the Paddock magazine. Every sponsor will receive F1 branded goods as well as a Grand Stand pass to any event of their choice during 2015. They will also receive a years' subscription to the leading Grand Prix magazine as well as numerous other benefits and memorabilia. The sponsorship deal will be completed in 2014 and once this is announced all sponsors will receive their packs, and subject to who is eventually sponsored there may be some exceptional extra goodies included. This has been described as the ultimate present for an 18 or 21 year old Formula 1 fan - what a way to celebrate your birthday.
January 20, 2014
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