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October 5, 2013
1 Definition for Hashtag #ObamaCare
The popular term for legislation passed in 2010 under the deceptively named Affordable Care Act. The legislation was passed during the lame duck session of congress before the tea party was sworn into Congress in December 2010 by essentially unelected representatives. No Republican voted for the legislation and it has remained unpopular with the American people. The legislation was "deemed passed" and there was no final senate vote before it was signed by the President. Around 30% of Americans support #ObamaCare. The legislation was written by the Tides Foundation as a way to bankrupt the insurance industry and eventually impose government controlled "Single Payer" health care on the American people. Government controlled health care is a central theme to controlling the rights of the people because no other right can be argued as more important than the right to control your own body and health care. Insurance companies will be driven out of business by government regulations making insurance of individuals unaffordable. Some insurance companies and elderly groups were tricked into supporting the law because it requires young Americans to purchase health insurance regardless of need or financial situation. The IRS will impose fines and threatens anyone who does not participate in the ObamaCare scheme. Because government bureaucrats will make the decision as to what care is required and available, individual doctors, patients and insurers are not be able to provide the care required to save lives. These decisions are made by government experts on what are popularly called "death panels." Some supporters point to a provision which makes preexisting conditions covered as a matter of law in Obamacare. However, the funding of preexisting conditions for insurance companies comes from a special fund which ran out of money long before the law went into effect. Effectively, those with serious preexisting conditions are put into a pool of funding which is already depleted. This leaves insurance companies in the position of losing money, but hoping young healthy adults will make up the difference by purchasing insurance they do not need and cannot afford in a part-time economy. To address this issue, low income people receive subsidies to lower their annual cost. Unfortunately, the subsidies are tax credits awarded by the IRS at the end of the year. As we have seen with the recent scandals, the IRS may determine whether to reimburse low income people based on their political advocacy or affiliation. President Obama has also made 19 illegal and unilateral changes to ObamaCare. He has done so not through the legislative branch which creates law, but by executive order. This means the current law has never been before the congress to be voted on. Despite these facts, in October 2013, the Republican house wanted to delay ObamaCare for one year to work out the problems and to ensure that everyone was treated fairly. The president and senate refused. This led to a government shutdown. Both President Obama and Senate leader Reid stated "We WILL NOT negotiate".
October 5, 2013
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