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July 26, 2013
1 Definition for Hashtag #kaival
Kaival Gyan Hindu Cultural Society *http://*** * The seventh Kuveracharya Shri Avichaldasji is the head of the Sat Kaival Sampradaya and resides at Gurugadi Sarsa, Gujarat, India. In 1971 at the age of 20 years he was appointed as the seventh Acharya of the Sampradaya. Avichaldasji Maharajshri is the nerve centre of all the activities. Maharajshri is real source and power for the Gnan Sampradaya. He remains busy with the religious activities of the Sampradaya throughout the year. He meets every follower and visits every village. He has traveled extensively in and outside the India. As a head of the Gnan Sampradaya he preaches the message of the Paramguru and propagates the massage of the Paramguru assiduously. Maharajshri continuously holds Parayans to explain the message of the Paramguru in general and Shibirs to teach the writings of the Paramguru. Every word, every Chopai(couplet) and every book written by the Paramguru are taught by him. His religious discourses have strengthen the faith of the disciples. The disiples have become rich religiously.
July 26, 2013
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