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November 30, 2012
2 Definitions for Hashtag #projectbrainsaver
projectbrainsaver is one man's goal to trigger Worldwide use of an intelligent voice controlled interface that allows everybody to achieve far more than is possible at the present - just by talking Discussions (starting in 2000) with the company Autonomy in Cambridge, UK led onto another 12 years of research into all aspects of personal use of high tech business and 'spy' technology for helping with every day life situations and also with aiding society during disasters. projectbrainsaver Limited has recently been incorporated as a vessel through which to crowd fund the trial which could have been successfully run over eight years ago had it not been for the poor health of the coordinator of projectbrainsaver. Even with Apps such as Siri from Apple and Nina from Nuance there is still nothing on the personal market that offers the intelligence that projectbrainsaver has researched as possible for everyday use
November 30, 2012
What is projectbrainsaver to me? The society I live in uses 'gate keepers' to control itself. These gate keepers limit society by disallowing the passage of many whose input would be beneficial to that society. The society, as can be seen right now, is suffering. It needs all of us to make this work. Imagine a jigsaw. Each of us is made up from jigsaw pieces. From the beginnings of our interactions with others our own personal jigsaw pieces are put down. Some of those pieces are put into the wrong places, no matter how well meaning the intent to speed the process of growth or... whatever. If we are unlucky we have multiple pieces hammered into the wrong places, for us, and this then sets us on an unsatisfactory roadway through life, something always feeling not quite right... but never a chance to sit down and work out what pieces were out of place and what to do to replace them and rework the knowledge trail, the story arcs, that have resulted from this hammering of wrong pieces into other place holes. projectbrainsaver is designed to help with this. privately. personally. without bias.
April 7, 2015
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