#ArchDigestGreenRoom Trends on the 85th #Oscars

February 25, 2013
archOkay, so predictably the hashtag #Oscars trended magnificently on February 24, 2013 as Hollywood's best of the best came together for the 85th Academy Awards Night. By now, you all probably know that ARGO won Best Picture, ANG LEE won Best Director, DANIEL-DAY LEWIS won Best Actor and JENNIFER LAWRENCE won Best Actress. The night was perhaps one of the most dramatic Oscars presentations ever, with FOUR standing ovations to performances just halfway through the show and singer Adele bringing down the house with "SkyFall." But, alongside the trending #Oscars hashtag was that of #ArchDigestGreenRoom, which trended with 3,000 tweets and 90 million impressions at its peak. #Oscars peaked at over 178,286 tweets, with hashtags #AcademyAwards, #Oscars2013 and #RedCarpet making up the bulk of its related hashtags. Predictably, #Oscars was the top related hashtag for #ArchDigestGreenRoom, making up for 96 per cent of the relation. The 30's-40's inspired backstage lounge was created specifically for the 84th Academy Awards designer Waldo Fernandez and was where all the juicy before and after-announcement moments happened.
arch1 Photo from Architectural Digest



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