#SkyWire Stunt Generates Over 1 Million Tweets

June 25, 2013
img_60246 by dpape, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License??by??dpape?
Twitter fans sent a flurry of tweets and related hashtags about Nik Wallenda?s (@NikWallenda) spine-chilling tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon in Colorado. Discovery Channel managed to get 13 million viewers while Twitter generated over 1 million tweets. The tightrope walk required him to go along a thin wire spanning 1,400 feet and suspended 1,500 above the ground. He reached the other end in 23 minutes. The 34-year-old was at risk for falling to his death, insisting that the stunt be done without a safety net or tether. Several features of the #skywire act were talked about online and by TV viewers but one of the most noticeable aspects was Wallenda?s constant pronouncement of his Christian faith throughout. He prayed with Christian author Joel Osteen and his wife Erendira before the big attempt. wallenda3 As the cable started swaying because of the growing strength of the winds, Wallenda had to stop and sit to keep it steady. He continued talking about Jesus on the microphone and thanking God for keeping the wire calm. Wallenda gave praise and professed his faith several times before and after he finished the long walk. A number of comedians also chimed in on Twitter. Actor Neil Patrick Harris showed his witty sense of humor sharing how proud he was of Nik Wallenda and regretting to agree to drink each time ?Jesus? was mentioned. Atheist Ricky Gervais said how Wallenda must have felt silly for spending so much time practicing. Doug Benson asked if Discovery Channel realized how ?Jesus-y Wallenda? was going to reach the other end successfully and added the hashtag #HelpMeToRelaxLord. Other individuals simply shared how stunning the whole endeavor was and how Wallenda?s show of faith was just brilliant, regardless of whether viewers were Christians or not. Many also shared how social media and TV shows are now intertwined and bring in attention from both TV and social media fans. .

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