Christmas Movies Are Already Abundant, But Can You #XMasAMovie From Another Genre?

In this Twitter game, participants use #XMasAMovie to incorporate the Christmas theme into the title of an ordinary movie.

Social Media Stands Behind The Victims Of A Tragedy With #PrayForSydney

After a hostage situation erupted in Sydney, social media developed the #PrayForSydney hashtag to unite people in prayer over the individuals in the situation.

Twitter Says #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift As She Turns 25 Years Old

Taylor Swift turns 25 as Twitter wishes #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift. The pop star gathered a fan base big enough to make any hashtag involving her a big trend.

California's #BayAreaStorm Continues To Provide Hazardous Conditions

The #BayAreaStorm in California reached conditions critical enough to gain plenty of attention from social media as well as utilize it for emergency news.

Social Media Celebrates #HumanRightsDay And Encourages It Be Celebrated Every Day

Social media celebrates #HumanRightsDay in an effort to get people involved in basic human rights movements each and every day.

Christmas Preparation Can Be Tough - #HolidayMadeSimple Aims To Fix That

Through the many categories of Christmas, people can get lost. From food, decorations, and fun ideas, #HolidayMadeSimple seeks to remove the complications.

Twitter Game #CheeseSchmovies Turns Blockbusters Into Block-of-Cheese Busters

Cheese and movies. That's what #CheeseSchmovies meshes together in a Twitter game intended as a promotion for a new board game that involves a similar goal.

Friday Night Featured #TheGameAwards To Celebrate The Highlights Of The Gaming Industry

The reborn annual show, #TheGameAwards, aims to showcase the year's best and next year's brightest in the gaming industry.

Yesterday Was #NationalCookieDay - What Kind Did You Celebrate With?

There are always some fun "National" days, but who would want to miss out on #NationalCookieDay? Social media shows off recipes, displays, and cookie stories.

The Season Of Giving Causes The Constant Trend Of #Giveaway To Spike

The Season of Giving has brought the always-trending hashtag #Giveaway to spike higher than usual.

With The Christmas Season Upon Us, Pick Your #XmasListIn3Words

With the Christmas Season already here, Twitter whips up a fun game to get the celebration started using the hashtag #XmasListIn3Words.

If You Didn't Get A Great Deal On Black Friday, Did You Try #CyberMonday?

The closing of the biggest shopping weekend in America known as #CyberMonday brings remarkable deals to consumers online.

An Early #BlackFriday After Thanksgiving Connected Deals With Protests

The start of this year's biggest shopping season didn't show much difference from the last few. Door-busters weren't the only things found around social media.

In Case You Didn't Realize It, Yesterday Was #Thanksgiving

One of America's most traditional holidays, #Thanksgiving is the perfect day for social media users to express what they are most thankful for.

The #Blackhawks Are Trending With Hockey Fans Across Social Media

The #Blackhawks not only have a good record in their games, but their fans also show that they strive to be number one.

College Football Season Is Almost Over-Only #OneFinalTeam Can Take Top 4

As the College Football season comes to a close, fans are asked to vote on which #OneFinalTeam they think will secure a position in the top 4.

The #FergusonDecision Leaves Social Media In An Uproar

The final #FergusonDecision by the grand jury may have sparked riots in Ferguson, but also across social media.

Sarcastic Students Tell The First Lady "#ThanksMichelleObama" To Show Their Disappointment

Students sarcastically make remarks to say #ThanksMichelleObama after they have become fed up with the poor quality of their new school lunches.

Voting For The #AMAs Is Always Open Across Social Media

The American Music Awards (#AMAs) take place this weekend. Voting has opened for select categories which has fans sharing their votes across social media.

Moms, Sisters, Best Friends, Ladies And Gentlemen Share Their #WCW

This Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw), people show off their significant friends, family members, and inspirational celebrities to the world.

The News On Jonathan #Gruber Has Social Media In An Uproar

After a recent reveal of a video proving Jonathan #Gruber's lies to pass the new healthcare law, social media is in shock at how the voters were treated.

Who Will Make It Past The #VoiceTop12 This Season?

This week, the #VoiceTop12 compete for the top 10 as 2 contestants will be voted off the show by viewers, bringing those remaining much closer to victory.

Another New Episode of #TheWalkingDead Brings Back A Trending Hashtag

Another crazy, dramatic episode of #TheWalkingDead gives fans what they want: more everything. The show seems to get more popular every single week.

It Seems #WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant Find A Bigger Hashtag Trend

After a momentous event in space history, #WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant deny that this hashtag has served as a PSA for social media.

The First #VoiceResults Caused Quite A Stir Among Fans Of The Show

The first round of eliminations has arrived for The Voice. The #VoiceResults decide who will stay and move on to the next round of the show.

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