How To ?Spam? Your Twitter Feed Without Being Annoying

December 16, 2013
Using Twitter can be a very effective way to grow your business and increase the total number of people following you online, thereby also increasing the total income and sales you can generate each month. Spamming can be a serious annoying habit for most Twitter users. You can, however, use a similar approach that will provide constant information without flooding feeds.

The Proper Way to Spam

You do not have to fill people?s feeds with the same tweet. You can also personalize the tweet to suit particular Twitter users, thereby spreading the information effectively without violating the rules and causing people to unfollow you completely. If you plan to connect to several Twitter users and let them know about specific information, you should mention their Twitter handle first in the tweet. Next, make individual tweets for each handle. Twitter will identify the tweet as an ongoing conversation or reply between two accounts so nothing will be shown in the Twitter feed unless the user follows both accounts. For example, if you?re using the Twitter handle @thanksgiving then mention the handle @turkeydinner first in your tweet, Twitter users that follow both @thanksgiving and @turkeydinner will find the tweet in their feed.?However, if the user only follows one or none of the handles, they will not see any of the tweets posted. If a hashtag is created or included in the tweet, Twitter users visiting the hashtag or viewing the account that tweeted will find the tweet. Therefore, the tweet can engage users better and you can increase your reach especially when users respond by replying, retweeting, favoriting or following.

The Wrong Approach

Traditionally, Twitter users tweet then add several handles to try and get in touch with several users at once. However, they usually put the handles at the end of the tweet and fill in all 140 characters allowed. The mentions will lead to followers getting hit and finding the same tweet nonstop in their feeds. Many users can get annoyed by the approach and choose to unfollow the user to stop getting the same tweet. Multiple personalized tweets will produce better results if you use the Twitter handle of the particular Twitter user you intend to get in touch with or personally send out a tweet to. You should categorize your tweets into either blanket tweets or personalized tweets. Blanket tweets are intended for multiple users. You can still increase user engagement when some among the many you tweet to respond. Personalized tweets are ideal once you have identified key relevant users who can spread the information effectively and help you convert followers into loyal customers. Stay discreet when tweeting and you will attract more Twitter followers. Spamming is considered as a violation of Twitter rules and you can get suspended or even banned by posting the same content nonstop. Instead, search for useful and good quality content. Provide a variety of information that people will be interested in such as articles, blogs, links, photos and videos. Also respond to users by answering questions and replying to the tweets they might also send to you using the same approach.

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