Over The Latest Controversies, CNN Starts #AskACop In Order To Bring Out Real Answers

December 18, 2014
Over the last few months, the responsibilities and limitations of public police officers have been brought into question. Several unfortunate events unfolded and brought many to question the outcomes of those actions. Police officers seemed to be put into the spotlight in a negative way. Social media has been following the stories the entire year and have come up with plenty of trending hashtags. This is yet another one of those hashtags that was actually started by a news organization that has been covering these incidents. #AskACop was created to help bring some clarification to this series of events.
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The hashtag reached great heights during its origin and continued steadily into the next day. With almost 28,000 Tweets per?hour during its first couple hours, this hashtag definitely reached as big an audience as expected. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it reached the outcome desired. Many people used #AskACop to release some of their anger over some of the more controversial decisions they have made. There were still plenty of fitting Tweets though that actually followed point with the hashtag's original purpose. t1 t2 t3 t4Even some local police agencies witnessed the hashtag being used in all sorts of ways. While far and few, some of these agencies are taking notice of the bad reputation major news outlets have been displaying to the public. Social media is well aware of this and so seeks those officers who would avoid such bad names. The Lino Lake Police Department even used the hashtag to make a public apology for any offenses its officers may have committed. The Police Department also sought to get more out of hashtags such as #AskACop that would remove such one-sided opinions and hopefully open social media up to the other side of the story. Instead of asking for reasons behind these police officers' offenses, they call to point out the many instances of good deeds and brave moments these officers have performed.

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