Twitter Abuzz With #FailedObamacareSlogans

October 31, 2013
The hashtag #FailedObamacareSlogans has been trending well on Twitter as Americans discovered a way to attack the allegedly useless health care plan developed by President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Social media is abuzz with creative posts about how the United States government should try to convince citizens to actually think that the plan is worthwhile. People shared both funny and serious comments about the ongoing problems in Congress and how irrational American leaders reportedly are in coming up with insurance policies and health care bills that do not truly benefit them. There were several sarcastic tweets about the healthcare plan helping majority of Americans and providing them with numerous options on how they can take care of their needs at very low rates. The hashtag immediately rose in popularity in the social media sphere. The hashtag #FailedObamacareSlogans?became popular as people chimed in to share their ideas on the most effective slogans that can be used by the White House such as ?Death and taxes in one convenient package? and ?It?s so easy, even a caveman can do it.? Twitter fans continued to share their hilarious lines which showed how unhappy and unconvinced they were with ObamaCare. Other related hashtags include #GetCovered and #AffordableCareAct which contain more positive feedback and serious suggestions on how to improve the plan. There were also a barrage of memes on #FailedObamacareSlogans?which attacked Democratic senators and mocked the recent fiasco in Congress which led to the government shutdown. The official website for ObamaCare, healthcare.gov was also mocked by Twitter fans as they edited photos and created more memes that reflected their disdain for the lack of action on the part of Obama and other politicians. There were also more serious tweets about how Congress should look for more effective ways to fix the existing health care problem.

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