NYPD Looks For Young Potential Criminals on the Internet

October 3, 2012
The New York Police Department (@NY_POLICE) has been very busy releasing a batch of investigators to look for social media gangsters on Facebook, Twitter and other huge social media sites. Raymond Kelly, New York Police Commissioner, said that he?s increasing the total number of detectives that will lead to young delinquents. Monitoring social networking sites seems to be one of the best approaches that will provide them with the needed information. Kelly started 'Operation Crew Cut' where the NYPD will double the size of the Gang Division to 300, from its previous 150, over the next few weeks, said the commissioner in a statement during a police conference in San Diego, California. The main targets of the program are smaller neighborhood gangs that battle constantly over small territories. The big gangs will be handled by another specialist unit. The police department acknowledges how many of these gang members resort to Twitter and Facebook to boast about their evil plans. Police officers will be able to crack down potential crimes by viewing posts and apprehending future lawbreakers as a preventive measure. Kelly was also very vigilant in pointing out that there are a number of measures being practiced to ensure the privacy of online users, despite their new goals and objectives. They aim to maintain the right balance between maintaining the privacy of social media fans and their pending investigations. In 2012, murder rates in New York dropped by 18 percent, according to Kelly. Overall crime, however, increased by 4 percent. Much of the increase points to theft by teenagers, with fellow teenagers as the victims. Most of the items stolen are mobile devices and Apple products. The popularity of Apple products seems to have a direct effect on the growth of crime in the city. In the previous year, there were over 13,000 reported cases of stolen Apple products, compared to the 86 reported thefts of Apple products a decade ago.

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