Americans For Prosperity Launch Hashtag To Bash Obama Campaign

September 11, 2012
REPORT CARD DAY FOR A SOCIALIST/MARXIST/ by SS&SS, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License??by??SS&SS?
Americans for Prosperity (@AFPhq), a group that describes itself as an advocate of economic freedom, has launched a pioneering bus tour that will go all over the United States to make people aware about the #failingagenda of President Barack Obama. When the Democratic president assumed office in 2006, he raised several solutions on solving the national debt and improving the economy. However, some Americans remain unsatisfied with his efforts -- Americans for Prosperity is one, thus, calling its campaign 'Obama's Failing Agenda.' The group records two million members across the country. The tour began in Florida and is meant to go through 25 different states using three 40-foot buses that will hold awareness gatherings in some 380 cities. As a means of communicating with supporters and would-be members, the group has also adopted the #failingagenda hashtag on Twitter so users have real-time updates on the campaign. The initiative was launched August 31, 2012 at the Republican National Convention. Tim Phillips (@TimPhillipsAFP), president of the group indicated in a press release: ?We?re launching our biggest tour yet because President Obama?s big-government agenda has brought four consecutive trillion dollar deficits, sent the national debt skyrocketing, and left nearly 13 million Americans unemployed.? He added, ?It?s time for an agenda that will lead all Americans to prosperity; this failing agenda must come to an end.? Americans for Prosperity is backed by oil billionaire Koch Brothers. The group purchased the #failingagenda hashtag on Twitter as a way to oppose #dnc2012.

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