Florida Mayor Uses Social Media For Town Hall

September 25, 2012
FL - West Palm Beach: City Hall by wallyg, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License??by??wallyg?
You may be wondering what #askmuoio was all about on Twitter Monday. Another unique use of Twitter was showcased on September 24 when Mayor Jeri Muoio (@westpalmbch) of West Palm Beach, Florida held an open access town hall using the micro-blogging site. The mayor stayed at her computer desk to respond to all of the tweets and questions forwarded by her team. Working within the limits of Twitter, Muoio only had 140 characters maximum to answer each question. The hashtag #askmuoio was used for forwarding questions to the town leader. Many tweeted, asking about different matters covering politics, technology and personal issues. Some of the questions focused on economic development in West Palm Beach, the mayor?s objectives and matters regarding Digital Domain. Mayor Muoio said that they expected a lot of people below 40 years old to send tweets and raise questions. She also expected a barage of questions regarding the Digital Domain. The move was meant to increase the rate of engagement in the city, encouraging its people to ask questions. Muoio said the she and her team thought of resorting to Twitter because it's efficient and can easily include a lot of the individuals concerned. She also shared how the process should be properly handled since it is still a legal proceeding. The next town hall meet is set for October 2. Here are examples of the exchange made between the mayor and the citizens.

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