How To Create Effective Marketing Hashtags

January 24, 2013
Hashtags have successfully been used by online companies and casual users on Twitter to drive discussion on a specific topic or event. Cleverly crafted but equally straightforward hashtags, in fact, can turn into a go-to tag for anybody wanting information on a particular subject. Any Twitter user can conveniently make a hashtag but it requires specific methods to guarantee that it will trend well on the social media site. The hashtag will properly arrange tweets so that people can follow discussions and conversations that they are truly interested in. They can use one or more words and provide information to those who also wish to constantly update themselves with specific topics. Making a hashtag also means more than merely putting the ?#? symbol before the keyword or keyphrase. The goal of the hashtag campaign is to draw the right people to the conversation. You will find that your posts will be retweeted more frequently and you will also gain more followers quickly by targeting the audience who will be significant to your cause or company. Especially for business establishments and internet marketers, hashtags will serve as a useful tool that will boost sales and let others know about available products and offers. The online tool is used by various individuals and groups around the world, even including political agencies, blue-chip companies, shopping and dining places and online firms.

Steps for Success

First, set your objectives so you can pick the right hashtag that will immediately let others know what the conversation will be about. There are various reasons for starting a hashtag such as providing updates and information to current followers, aiming to bring in more followers online, starting a buzz or crowdsourcing information. You can track how many tweets or impressions your hashtag is making in a given period. Take, for instance, the hashtag #hashtag.

hash graph

Define the objectives of making the hashtag in a clear and distinct manner. One of the biggest goals you should set is creating value for your target audience. Second, check if there is a similar hashtag already present on Twitter. Also avoid using hashtags that only differ from existing ones by a few letters. You can use a number of online tools and sites to know whether or not there are already existing hashtags that are the same as ones you?re eyeing on. The Hashtags definition tool is a good place to start. Once you have formulated the hashtag, provide a short explanation then start tweeting. Tweet a few times every day but not too much or you risk annoying other online users or being regarded as a spammer. Also check that the posts and messages by others relate to the main topic. Use a number of online tools to stay protected from possible threats and unscrupulous individuals online. Before you even begin to use the hashtag, create a calendar and schedule the different activities for your Twitter campaign.

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