How To Get People To Jump Into Your Event Hashtag

January 9, 2014
Creating an event hashtag will require a number of techniques to ensure that you get maximum participation and lasting impact. Hashtags will most likely be in use for a long time so marketers dhave to know the rules in creating successful ones to engage more users and establish their brand throughout the online network. To ensure the success of the event hashtag, here are some of the common approaches that expert marketers use to engage with users more.

1. Prepare for the long term

Come up with a hashtag name that can easily be carried over for the next years, or so-called evergreen hashtags. You may include the year so you can simply change it through time. Many companies do this to let people know that the success of the current one will lead to a subsequent event with better and more exciting offers. People will also expect more if you present the hashtag as if it is part of a series. The kind of information that they will get from the current one should remain consistent with future hashtags covering the same subject. Examples of well-performing recurring event hashtags include #TEDx, which transitions into micro-events according to theme, like #TEDxYouth and #TEDxWomen, or according to location, like #TEDxToronto or #TEDxLondon.
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2. Be creative

Think of ways to increase hype such as starting social media contests, sharing behind-the-scenes photos and asking controversial or mysterious questions. Use keywords that will grab the attention of target users. Collaborate with other social media experts and feature guests who have a huge following online. You will realize that adding these important people to the conversation will increase total participation. They can help spread information using different proven techniques. Continue sharing original and fresh information about the upcoming event until the actual date. event2

3. Give fresh data

Give new and updated content each time to increase interest in your posts. Provide pictures, graphs, links and other kinds of information to keep users interested. Also ask other experts to upload their own research and information and ask questions to keep the conversation constant. Regularly post updates and be the first to provide accurate data so you establish yourself as a reliable source on the platform.

4. Be accurate

The information should be quick and accurate at the same time. Do not compromise the quality with speed, which is a common pitfall among microbloggers. It is necessary to post updates daily to keep people interested. However, avoid posting generic or repetitious information. Also avoid retweeting or reposting other users? posts. Use proper spelling and grammar in your posts to appear credible and answer questions in timely fashion, but providing well-researched and precise statements.

5. Follow up

Spend time with participants and tag them throughout the campaign to keep them reminded of the event hashtag. Also acknowledge the experts in the network and give incentives and other rewards if you can afford it. Provide support and post-event information as well. You can start giving information on future events days after to encourage those who weren?t able to join to become part of the process next time. Your network's feedback is also important so find a way to build a long-term relationship so you can always improve on your campaign as you go. Good quality content and proper timing will render great benefits to social media users and usher the right individuals who can establish your brand in the industry.

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