How Travel Businesses Can Influence Customers More On Social Media

December 5, 2013
Different kinds of businesses are investing in social media to attract more relevant customers. The use of hashtags can be equally useful for travel agencies and businesses to gain a strong foothold in this ever-expanding market. Look for more creative ideas to keep customers interested and learn from the different social media strategies used by other experts.

1. Aim for top social media sites

There are a number of social media platforms where potential clients are always on the lookout for great deals and promos. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are among the top networks that people check to get more information about specific locations and travel destinations. Creating an account with a few hundred followers will instantly keep your business visible to thousands of others. You can easily provide updates and introduce new promos to reach new and existing customers within minutes.

2. Find agents

Social media networks are also filled with affiliates or social media marketers who are willing to help you sell tickets and book more tours. The affiliates generally incorporate different social media techniques to reach more clients such as providing links, photos and videos of the available offers. Agents can be paid based on the total sales they generate or depending on the number of new followers they can bring you on Twitter or Facebook.

3. Give rewards

Start a contest or simply reward loyal followers and customers by providing them with special items and discounts. You can also offer current relevant clients with incentives if they invite new people into the fold and provide them with discounts each time they refer someone. You can start a contest, hand out free or discounted trips to people, just like what the Australian airline did with #Qantas. People constantly check different airline companies to get the best deals and freebies.

4. Respond to feedback

Take the time to answer questions and communicate with customers whenever they provide suggestions and comments on your services and offers. People appreciate it if you grab the opportunity to listen and communicate. If they see adjustments on your part to serve their requests, they will more likely patronize you more in the future as well as refer more people to become loyal customers.

5. Make it fun

Even though you may occasionally need to provide well-made advertisements and formal offers to update clients with packages and other available services, as a travel agency you should learn how to incorporate fun into different activities. Take on a lighter conversational tone to get more people to relate with you easily. Some hashtags like #TravelTuesday usually have executives from big airline companies and other travel agencies visit to communicate personally to travel enthusiasts. This provides for a very conducive environment that focuses on learning and making adjustments for improved services. Similar to other kinds of businesses, people in the travel industry should also learn how to communicate well with customers using the medium that they prefer. At present, social media enthusiasts refer to the big platforms using mobile devices to get information so establishments should address them accordingly.

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