The Benefits Of Social Media Beyond Marketing

April 16, 2013
Businesses have benefited much from social media in the past. There are different tools, features and advertising opportunities available that will help grow both big and small companies to new heights. It is also important to understand the other uses of social media marketing. You will discover how people can learn much from existing companies and accounts and actually improve the community.

What Else Do We Get Out of Social Media?

1. Human resource benefits.

One of the most commonly used social media platform when it comes to finding jobs or hiring employees is LinkedIn. The website is basically a human resource platform that aids individuals in locating the right job that matches their interests. The approach is more unique than merely submitting a resume online. When human resource departments or companies tap into social media, they create relationships and connections with potential employees and workers. The network can span greatly, involving former and current clients, previous colleagues, entrepreneurs and even family and friends. People can introduce new potential employees for companies as the network increases. Companies also benefit much when it comes to human resource because they can observe individuals based on their posts and interests. Many individuals complete their profiles on social media networks so companies can create specific demographics based on the information. Many companies have located very promising and talented individuals through social media.

2. Sales benefits.

Many affiliates and online sellers rely on social media to build a reputation and make it easier to earn the trust of buyers. Compared to random selling on the internet, you create an account and develop a personality to cater to specific needs of individuals. Over time, people will point out some of the experts in specific fields and avail of offers based on the information they have. Having your own social media account as a seller will also make you more approachable and trustworthy. You can come up with different interesting schemes and activities online to grab the attention of target customers and entice them to buy. You can hold contests, start discussions and offer rewards. For example, Samsung used the hashtag #GalaxyS4 to talk about its newest smartphone offering on Twitter. See how it has managed to generate thousands of tweets and make even more impressions, and how conversations involving the hashtag remain consistently high throughout a week. beyond1 beyond2 Creating relationships with potential buyers will also let you provide updates regularly and maintain their interest throughout. Congratulate and acknowledge individuals and let them share the information about you.

3. Improve communication.

Social media platforms are well-known to have features and apps that make it easier to for individuals to communicate. Online users still rely on email but there are other opportunities to share and exchange information quickly. Examples are through chat, direct messaging, video chat and video conferencing. People can facilitate and make decisions regardless of the time and place. Since a lot of social media users today have at least one mobile device or smart phone, information can be forwarded immediately and reach the contact person in a matter of seconds. Companies can run their business proficiently and people can communicate from different parts of the globe. Various departments don?t have to be present physically to finish a meeting or seminar. Different levels in businesses can truly benefit from social media as far as communication goes. It is also a good opportunity for employees in the lower tier to voice out their concerns. This applies to situations wherein workers are either embarrassed or scared to share their sentiments in person. Indeed, social media has affected the lives and operations of businesses and individuals around the world.

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