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Using Hashtags On Pinterest

Much like Twitter and Instagram, using hashtags on Pinterest also leads users to a page where other users’ posts using the same hashtag will appear.

By applying hashtags to your pins, you let the Pinterest community know what your photo is about and gives the public access to your photo.

Take a look at this photo, instance. It bears the hashtag #homedesign.

However, unlike Twitter where the posts listed under a hashtag are chronological, Pinterest listings are based on user traffic, where the images with the most number of likes or repins appear at the top. This way, you instantly connect with images that are the most popular in the platform.

Here’s a sample of the page that appears when you do a search for #homedesign. Take note that the contents of this page will vary, depending on what is popular at the time of your search.

Why Use Hashtags On Pinterest

There are several reasons why hashtags are applied to Pinterest pins.

– To showcase your suggestions to users conducting a search on the topic
– To create an online portfolio that is largely image-driven. (Use your username as the hashtag.)
– To establish connections with like-minded users and, possibly, build business relationships through the repin and comment features.
– To market your product or service.

Do note that while Instagram lets you share photos you yourself have taken, Pinterest allows you to share images that are not necessarily taken by you. The short of it is that Pinterest is mainly an inspiration board and users get into conversations discussing these sources of inspiration. It would be a major plus, however, if you took the images yourself or showcasing your own work.

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anna cadiz bennett 22-03-2013, 19:38

Unfortunately since Pinterest rolled their new version on March 18th the hashtags no longer work. This is what Pinterest says “Right now, our search does not support hashtags (ex: #hashtag). It’s a feature we know would be useful for pinners and businesses and that we may add in the future”.

If they know it’s useful I’m scratching my head thinking…why then did you take it out?

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[…] Hashtags have been in use for sometime on Instagram, Pinterest, and now Google+.  In February 2013 LinkedIn began allowing users to add hashtags to their content.  It is time for Facebook to join in.  By making hashtags a prominent feature of social networks the customer benefits if they are standardized.  As long as the social networks and users alike agree on usage and meaning, hashtags will be very successful.  The way posts are ordered when filtering via hashtags works a little differently between networks as well.  For example, Twitter filters in chronological order where Pinterest returns pinned content ranked in order of traffic popularity. […]

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