Who Is Your Twitter Audience? Identifying Who Your Fans Are

February 24, 2014
Twitter currently has 230 million active users from different parts of the world. About 500 million tweets are sent on a daily basis, discussing various topics like food, entertainment, technology, sports and politics. Many use Twitter to get information and news, while others simply wish to connect with friends or start meaningful conversations with others who have similar interests. Businesses and companies use Twitter to advertise products and get closer to consumers.

How to Find Followers

1. Join hashtags

Hashtags are social media conversations that cover particular topics preceded by the ?#? symbol. There are hashtags about different products, events, people and issues which you can conveniently join. You can easily meet your fans by coming up with a hashtag or joining one. Provide good quality content and update the information in your created hashtags to usher more relevant individuals who share similar interests or are most likely interested in your products.

2. Tweet regularly

Tweet about your industry or specific interests and you will find people who might favorite it or personally respond. Exchange information and learn more about their interests and activities. You can relate better with fans by giving them original information that is not available elsewhere. Provide links, infographics, videos and other useful content that will encourage them to follow you on Twitter.

3. Join events and contests

There are Twitter experts who command thousands of followers who can also become your own fans. Join their events and Twitter chats to establish yourself as a leader in the field. Provide details and relevant information. Participate in events and contests to get recognized but be careful not to spam or hijack the conversation. The creators of these contests will most likely mention you after and thank you for the support and participation.

4. Check your inbox

Some of your fans might have sent you a direct message to show their interest or ask questions. Provide well-researched answers within a reasonable span of time and keep connected with them through the weeks. Provide links and relevant data even when conversing through direct message. Some successful brand evangelizers create a separate account for customer support.

5. Check patterns

Look for relevant users who always participate in your events and hashtags. These key individuals can spread your brand and presence through word of mouth, which is the most effective way to gain new followers. Also check other social media leaders they might be following and connect with others who have similar interests. Give them freebies and other bonuses for driving new fans to your account.

6. Choose who to follow

Look for the top Twitter users who have a huge following and can expand your network by introducing you to their own relevant followers. Forge relationships with these leaders and introduce yourself to people who are most interested in your offers and tweets. Convert them later on into loyal followers or customers. They will in turn talk positively about your brand and invite others to follow. Have a unique and approachable presence on Twitter. Also provide good quality products that people will be proud to recommend. Use various tools and features online to keep your tweets interesting and unique.

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