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September 1, 2012
To see all updates on breaking headlines made by users whose interests are like yours, the Stories tab on the Discover page has made it convenient for you to access them all in one page. Stories may be accessed by all Twitter users and will be algorithmically generated based on several signals, including the location you have set for trends (see the left side of your home page) and trends you are currently seeing on your timeline. The stories that come out on this page are in their original form as they were posted and are not in any way edited by the platform. Here's how it looks.

Limitation To Stories

At present, only around 100 locations are supported by Stories. Thus, if you are in a location that is not covered by this list, you might not see news that is specific to where you are. The same can be said with Stories related to localized trends. If you are located somewhere the Stories list does not support, you will automatically see trends and breaking headlines from worldwide.

Changing The Stories You See

Because Stories are largely dependent on location, you have the ability to change the types of stories you see by altering your source of trends. At the left side of the Discover page, you will see a 'Change' link beside 'Trends'. Clicking this will lead to a popup window that will ask you to choose a location and access the hashtags trending from there. Changing this will automatically revise the content on your Stories page to reflect the alteration.

The Discover and Stories functions are part of Twitter's evolution into a mere micro-blogging ang sharing platform into a content dissemination channel. Read more about it HERE.  

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