Hashtag Analytics: Exporting Hashtag Data

October 5, 2013
After you have tracked a hashtag and data has been stored, you can export the raw data for further analysis in any spreadsheet or statistical analysis software package. This article outlines how to export hashtag data from your paid subscription package which tracks 100% of hashtags in real-time tweets from the time you begin tracking a hashtag. (In contrast, free analytics reports only tracks a 1% data sample.) First, sign into your account and navigate to the analytics section. hashtag-analytics-section Then specify your hashtag data download preferences. request-hashtag-analytics-data-export The system will process your data request. You will see "Processing" in the window while the queue is being processed. The length of time it takes to process a report request is directly dependent on the volume of activity surrounding the hashtag. For example, a hashtag like #iphone, that has millions of tweets, is likely to take some time to process as a result. hashtag-analytics-data-export-processing When the data is processed and available for download, click the "download" link and save to your computer. hashtag-analytics-data-export-download

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