How Twitter Chats Can Help Boost Business

January 14, 2014
Twitter has been used by many businesses and marketers to bring in new customers and sales. You can quickly spread brand awareness without spending much, as well as directly communicate with the target audience through these. Here's how to start and maintain a good Twitter chat.

1. Communicate with current and potential clients

Start a Twitter chat to establish rapport and strengthen existing ties with your clients. You can host a Twitter chat to let your business link with current and future customers. Pick a topic that will interest your target market or talk about current issues and new trends in the market. The Twitter chat should be held regularly for a span of a few weeks or months. Once people know the schedule, they can spread the word to others and increase participation over the next weeks. Create a hashtag to discuss the topic. Use two or more keywords that will make the hashtag easily searchable for users.

2. Establish your name and reputation

This means establish authority and letting other people know your areas of expertise. You can start your own hashtag or guest in existing ones to answer questions and other concerns. You can establish your reputation further by discussing in detail the issues of the conversation and addressing basic issues. Send direct messages or an email to the host to show your interest in becoming a guest. You can also make your presence known by sharing links and blogs related to the topic.

3. Specific Twitter chat

This pertains to one-on-one conversations with relevant users and other social media leaders to get recognized in your chosen networks. You can share your knowledge to other colleagues and experts as well as exchange ideas with other marketers. Learn about the specific needs of customers by talking to them via direct messaging or email. Mentioning or tagging specific individuals will also strengthen your ties with these users.

4. Learn from other Twitter chats

Find out the key factors that make other chats successful. Discuss with other experts some of the main issues and learn more about their objectives. Learn from others and determine how they set their goals and use features and apps to their advantage. Check some of the best hashtags and how the social media leader used proper timing, people and tools to gain long term benefits.

5. Brand promotion

Mention your brand without sounding like a salesman. Discuss the important issues casually then gradually insert your brand when the need arises. Show how the brand or products can be used to clients? advantage and not simply as a way to boost sales. People will more likely respond positively if they see your concern. Provide follow up support and answer concerns within a timely manner to maintain good relationships with customers. Twitter chats should be used regularly to meet new clients as well as enhance your current relationships. Always research on new issues and let them know about these as soon as possible.

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