Should You Launch A Hashtag Now? The Checklist

September 26, 2013
Choosing a hashtag will be determined by several factors, depending on your specific goals and available resources. Begin by describing the industry you belong in. Most companies today can benefit much from a hashtag campaign because of the volume of user engagement and amount of exposure it can potentially get. Once you?ve decided to start a hashtag, determine if there are existing hashtags about the topic. Some of the signs include:
  • Existing hashtags with similar names or keywords
  • Several feedback and start conversations about a given topic
  • Too many general hashtags that talk about the same topic
Do a quick Twitter search or check the Dictionary if the hashtag has already been defined. If not, by all means, provide a definition so you set the precedent and make sure that all tweets using it thereafter will run according to its set description (ideally). To create a unique hashtag, be more specific by indicating a particular event, year or person involved. The idea is to add value and relevance to the conversation by focusing on a particular aspect of the main topic. You should also determine how you intend to spread the campaign throughout the network
  • Do you intend to use it in other marketing channels?
  • Do you plan to invest in promoted products?
  • What types of media are you planning to use to spread brand awareness?
There are a few indicators that will let you know if the campaign is worth launching through a hashtag such as:
  • The topic revolving around an important event or matter concerns many people around the world? In short, it is a generally relatable subject.
  • You plan to invest in promoted products on a number of social media platforms.
  • You value reach and amplification and understand how social media can help achieve your business goals.
You can check if your hashtag is working within the first hour, 24 hours, week, two weeks and month by using analytics tools to track its progression and performance.

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