Social Media and the Changing Marketing Landscape

June 4, 2013
Today, customers can communicate and deal with brands and companies via social media. More companies are investing in a wide array of social media strategies to get closer to their target market as well as gauge the effectiveness of each approach. They can get accurate figures on how these work according to the impressions and interactions made. It is important for marketers to learn how to create and design landscapes that will bring in much needed customers and sales.

The Cadbury Landscape

One of the most recognizable brands that improved its advertising campaign according to the innovations and features of social media is Cadbury. The main account of the company has around 145,000 followers and mentions about Wispa Gold increased by 1800%. According to Cadbury?s community manager, the company aims to communicate and interact with clients directly. The idea is to include social media users in the action and let them experience everything firsthand. The confectioner used a variety of approaches wherein Facebook pages provided the opportunity to be a ?Joyville taster?. The contests and quizzes led to a winner who would get a chance to try different and new products. The company also launches events to keep customers interested. About 350,000 online users interacted while 40,000 new fans were added after the company tried to create a giant hand using Dairy Milk bars. Years ago when there were very few Google Plus users, Cadbury and Google worked to increase visibility and encourage online users to engage.

More Social Media Approaches

Many companies choose to hire an outside agency to launch social media campaigns. The strategies are later on transferred in-house so that businesses can own these. There are also a wide array of tools and features to use to boost marketing and increase visibility especially among potential clients. There are internet-based tools that allow businesses to monitor their activities, feedback and interactions when incorporating social media strategies on Twitter or Facebook. The type of information that companies should acquire online must be specific and determinable. Before, information was very general so companies cannot truly measure the variables and determine how well the target market received and interacted with their available products and offers. It is best to look for the specific individuals who will describe and push the brand further. They can share their own experiences and views regarding the product. Companies also have to set their objectives and values early on so they can adequately incorporate strategies as well as get accurate feedback individually.

The Tools

Companies try a variety of social media tools and features to adjust to the constantly changing marketing landscape. Some of the things that marketers will use to increase brand awareness and keep clients interested include social games, geo-location, social media marketing apps, social media devices and technologies, student briefs, student works, international affairs and global events, theories, innovative tools and approaches, copywriting, art directing, use of agencies, unique campaigns, micro-blogging, mobile devices and apps, advertising banners and analytical tools. All these will provide information as well as reach the right customers. Marketers can use a combination of tools and methods depending on their analysis and evaluation. It is equally important to stay creative and come up with unique and artistic ways to grab attention and bring in sales. The features and environment on social media platforms change quickly so it?s best to adjust accordingly.

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