California's #BayAreaStorm Continues To Provide Hazardous Conditions

December 12, 2014
Social media (well, mostly Californians) flooded Twitter yesterday with news about the #BayAreaStorm. From North to South, everything surrounding San Francisco has been experiencing the brutality of oceanic thunderstorms and pouring rain. Power outages and electrical issues made things even more difficult when it came to clean up and repairs. The storm even received enough momentum to delay plenty of international flights at the airports. Of course, even with plenty of electricity issues, those who had access to social media made the hashtag popular enough to become one of the bigger trending hashtags of the day.
Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics
The trend started early as people awoke to scores of puddles lining and filling the streets until they became rivers. It lasted until well into the evening as people were still concerned about damages and power outages that still needed to be fixed. The?#BayAreaStorm was referred to in a few other related hashtags including #CaliforniaStorm and #SanFranciscoStorm but the latter was?used most as?the storm didn't span the entire state nor was it just limited to San Francisco.
Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics
There were also plenty of emergency organizations that utilized the #BayAreaStorm hashtag in order to spread awareness of safety tips as well as possible flash floods that may have broken out. People warned each other about the closing of many popular roadways and emergency damages in order to help keep others from getting stranded in traffic. News stations also ensured the public had a way to see all of the important announcements and emergency warnings whenever they popped up. t1 t2 t3 t4 t5Emergency shelters, traffic warnings, and flood watches were all important things to know for those affected in the area. Fortunately with the trending hashtag #BayAreaStorm, the public was able to stay informed and be aware of what actions they might have needed to take. This is not the first time social media was utilized by the public and emergency organizations to inform others about safety, and with winter coming up and many snow storms on the way, social media will most likely see some more trending storm-related hashtags.   Featured graphic: From Geolocation.ws Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported  

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