Spirit for Twitter Introduces Timed Tweets

September 11, 2013
spiritA new app was developed on Twitter which provides more control for users to decide when their tweets come out. The app now allows Twitter fans to time or schedule their tweets, letting these last only within an allotted period if they wish. The app was created and introduced by an ex-Twitter engineer Pierre Legrain, who named it Spirit for Twitter. He defines the app as an invisible software that enhances the Twitter experience. Users only need to add a simple hashtag to their tweets to determine how long they intend for it to last. For example, appending a hashtag ?#1m? will automatically delete the tweet after one minute or adding the hashtag ?#5d? automatically removes the tweet after five days. Users will need to download or activate the app to start using the hashtags. They can tweet using any type of devices. Spirit is quite comparable to Efemr, which has similar functions There are several advantages and practical uses for Spirit. According to Legrain, it helps decongest the environment, since millions of tweets are uploaded every minute. People may now control the information they provide according to the demand or need. Legrain is working on more enhancements to ensure that the app works 100% efficiently. Currently, users can time their tweets by minutes, days or months. Businesses and casual users can make the most out of timed tweets especially when setting meetings, advertising and other posts that may expire after a number of days. Although the hashtags are very short and do not pose any conflict with other hashtags that may be used by Twitter users, individuals are encouraged to choose their hashtags carefully so as not to accidentally have their posts deleted due to expiration.

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