The App That's Like Twitter, But It's Not

October 26, 2012
????Twitter Bird ??? by rikulu, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License??by??rikulu?
Although a number of social media giants like #Twitter and Facebook have already taken over majority of online users, there are still a number of companies that aim to offer something different. Considering how platforms like Twitter already offer almost all functions imaginable for netizens, there might still be some more improvements that can be done. At least that?s what Dalton Caldwell thought when he launched App.net (@AppDotNet). The new social media network appears very much like Twitter, especially during the latter's early days, although the creator promises a whole lot more than being just the next wannabe. Dalton Caldwell (@daltonc) founded Mixed Media Labs and indicated how Twitter?s recent focus on social media advertising disrupted its main purpose of offering an interactive and entertaining environment that prioritizes on the users themselves instead of online advertisers and companies. Another supposed problem cited by the 32-year-old is how Twitter constantly creates stricter restrictions on the applications, thereby rendering several third-party applications in violation of its guidelines and policies. According to Caldwell, ?That made me realize that this resonated with people and you could build a business that appeals to developers.? Watch this video. App.net offers something new for social media enthusiasts, mainly the absence of advertisements. The app seems to be getting a positive response from the online community. As of October 25, 2012, it has 4,779 followers on Twitter. The main thrusts of the company are for online users to connect, play and discover. People are given a variety of options on how they wish to arrange and build their apps. The company emphasizes how the trust of users is the most important thing for them. App.net does not come for free but, in return, users have free reign over their own content. Users can play games and interact with other users effectively without the usual distractions that advertisements render. Although users are required to pay $36 per year or $5 per month to use the services, they can expect quality services every time, as well as constant improvements on the platform and available apps.

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