The Week's 5 Most Popular Stories

November 9, 2012
It's the weekend and the Hashtags.org team has once again brought together 5 of the most popular stories for the week. Let's recap!

Choosing a Hashtag That Will Attract Followers

Millions of Twitter users search for and incorporate hashtags to improve the way they share their posts and get information. You can start your own hashtags and determine how well these trend on Twitter.

Twitter 101: How To Handle Customer Complaints

If you wish to keep clients for several months or years, you should know how to manage and provide for their needs, as well as handle complaints properly. There are a number of basic techniques to learn on #Twitter to ensure that your clients stay content and continue to spread positive news about you.

30 Ways To Use Twitter For Education

As Twitter carves a niche for itself as a legitimate source of information, many educational organizations and online colleges are investing on Twitter to provide relevant and quick information to current and potential students.

Twitter Apologizes For False Hacking Scare

Early on November 9, 2012, Twitter informed certain users, mostly from China, that their accounts may have been compromised and prompted a change in passwords. There was no cause for panic, however, and Twitter was quick to apologize for the notices. The company admitted how it automatically resets passwords at times when it realizes that accounts may have been the subject of compromise.

Building Credibility and a Good Reputation on Twitter

Reputation and credibility are very important to build and maintain, especially if you are using social media platforms like Twitter ? where everything happens in real time and anything you say may be used against you and your business for life. To be considered a solid source of information, you have to craft your tweets responsibly.    

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