Twitter Brings First Female To Board

December 9, 2013
Twitter?s board has always been comprised of men -- until December 6, 2013 when Marjori Scardino was named a member, officially becoming the very first woman in the group. Scardino is also very qualified to become part of the prestigious cluster. She is an ex-CEO, a journalist and business expert. She is a Texan currently living in London and admittedly has not been an avid user of social media. She recently tweeted for the first time, thanking the Twitter team for making her part of the group. As of this writing, Scardino's Twitter profile has 4,700 followers. She, so far, follows 16 people. scardino1 Scardino?s addition to the group will usher in new ideas and add creativity. Boardroom diversity has always shown to have relative advantages and is more likely to lead to achieved quotas. Studies show that having women sit as members of the board can lead to new opportunities for the company. Generally, consumers and investors like having a combination of both men and women running the company. However, around 22 percent of tech companies still do not include women on their boards. Over a year ago, Twitter received flak for failing to admit a woman to the board despite numerous suggestions. According to Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, he wanted to add a woman, not so that they can please people but to truly bring talent and skill to the group. Costolo thought it would be a bad idea to bring in a woman just because people thought it makes the board look less gender-sensitive. Scardino is bound to meet expectations soon as she begins her new role.  

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