Microsoft Boots Out Twitter, Facebook For Xbox 360

October 22, 2012
A couple of frequently used applications on Twitter and Facebook were recently removed by Microsoft in its season updates for Xbox 360. The new changes for fall may not be noticeable by most game console enthusiasts. However, there will be some who might miss the capabilities. Three years ago, Facebook and Twitter applications were incorporated to allow gamers to share personal updates using their accounts on Twitter and Facebook. These have been completely eliminated. There are currently no specific figures as to the number of Xbox users who actually incorporate the social apps to share updates. According to a report, these let gamers conveniently locate contacts in the real world using Xbox Live. If gamers use the Twitter application, they can provide updates using up to 140 characters in the same way that posts and tweets are shared using the social micro-blogging site. The Dashboard is the latest change that the company incorporated in the Xbox 360. Many online users and gamers say that the removal might be one way of promoting Internet Explorer. Those who already have the social media apps installed will not have these automatically removed so continued use is still possible. Some of the other things to expect from the new updates for fall include the new layout, improved search with Bing and mixed recommendations, Sports app, IE 9 and TV/Movie channel. Microsoft did not give any statement whether or not the two applications will still be put back in the system. Internet Explorer 9 is the preferred Internet browser in which users can share game updates that used to be placed via Twitter and Facebook. The company also used Internet Explorer 9 to bundle the new updates for the fall season. According to a representative of Microsoft: ?We?re retiring the Facebook and Twitter apps in an effort to ?streamline? app functionality on 360.? The statement was forwarded to Mitch Dyer of IGN. Another online expert said that the updates might lead to the way Xbox users find and communicate with contacts using the Internet. According to Don Hatfield, a blogger, Xbox Live becomes an independent social media platform that allows gamers to play, communicate and interact. Many users will definitely miss the capabilities allowed by the applications.

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