Twitter's 2012 Mobile Ad Revenue Trumps Facebook

September 10, 2012
Research company eMarketer recently announced that Facebook has a very big chance of doing better than Twitter when it comes to mobile advertising revenue in the United States in 2013. However, Twitter will still fare better than Facebook in 2012 based on a survey. The market overall, will be topped by Google. Facebook recently introduced mobile advertisements in 2012 for the first time. Even though it is estimated to generate more than Twitter next year, the revenues will still be far from Google. Based on the report, Google will rake in about $1.4 billion in mobile ad revenues in 2012, which is more than 50% of the total generated in the United States, $2.6 billion. Pandora is second place, while Twitter takes third. The internet radio company brings in $226 million while the microblogging social networking site brings in $129.7 million. Facebook is estimated to rake in about $72.7 million, which is very close to the $75 million generated by technology giant Apple. In 2013, eMarketer estimates Facebook to immediately garner second place in the American market by gathering $387 million. In 2014, the numbers are expected to continue growing up to around $629 million. It is unexpected, however, for Facebook to overtake Google in the next few years.
Source: eMarketer
The research company indicated that majority of the mobile advertising revenues received by Twitter comes from ?promoted tweets?, while Facebook generates majority of its ad revenue from its advertising platform called Marketplace. Marketplace is available at the right portion of the desktop layout of Facebook but this is different from mobile advertising. More advertisements are recently noticeable on Facebook particularly on mobile items and in the newsfeed of users. In the past few years, Twitter and Facebook have been the preferred social media tools and sites of different agencies and individuals for various purposes. Advertising has been made very convenient and efficient because of the available tools and platforms. Mobile advertising will make it more convenient for different groups to share news and related promos regarding their company and products. The social network sites are also constantly making new developments that will help users as well as generate more revenue.

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