LinkedIn Features Thought Leaders To 'Follow'

October 3, 2012
LinkedIn released a group of promoted accounts on October 2, 2012 focusing on a particular group of famous individuals that users can keep track of and get recent information from on a regular basis. The approach works similarly with Twitter, considering how a lot of users join the social media site just to get the newest updates from their favorite stars from all over the globe. LinkedIn boasts of providing information that actually concerns followers. Following certain people will provide users great tips on how to use the same techniques and approaches that will be helpful in various fields such as business, online activities, marketing, etc. For example, if a user follows a famous person known for being an expert in business, he can actually get first-hand information on how to start, improve and operate a functional company. The information will be much more useful compared to casual news and updates. The experts at LinkedIn say that improved content is the main thrust of their latest service update. There will also be a group that determines what people are most interested in and the specific topics that appeal to certain individuals based on their online activities. LinkedIn will discover the main interests of different people on the website in the same way how other social media sites categorize users based on what they 'follow' or 'subscribe' to. LinkedIn has about 175 million users who can start taking advantage of the update. The website will initially feature a number of people and groups that users might like to follow. In the previous years, the people who relied on the website generally made use only of their own personal and professional contacts. LinkedIn was also very useful for job hunters, although they were already sharing how they wanted to expand their current circle on the site. Having followers will first be available only to 150 users that the company has chosen earlier. Some of the people in the first list include President Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mitt Romney and Marcus Samuelson. More famous people will be added to the list later on. Here's what the 'People You May Know' feature looks like. The 'influencers' are referred to as relevant individuals who can affect the way people online think and tackle issues. Members of the website can follow any of the featured influencers. As a result, people can get a lot of information including photos, videos and slideshows. Important discussions will also be featured.

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