A Promise in a Hashtag: #teamfollowback

September 2, 2014
The hashtag #teamfollowback will never stop being used?as long as Twitter, Instagram, and hashtags exist. #Teamfollowback is a "team" that promises to exchange a follow for a follow. It is a way to build followers and expand the social media network. This is not exclusively a Twitter hashtag; it can be used in many different platforms, for example Instagram and Pinterest users may use it, or any other social media platform that uses the term "followers."
Typical tweet of team follow back Typical tweet of team follow back
Instagram Normal?Instagram hashtags of people who are trying to gain followers and likes
The hashtag #teamfollowback is normally accompanied with other hashtags, as visible by the examples above. Common ones include: #followforfollow, #follow2befollowed #followback, and others like it. This hashtag is not as popular on Facebook, mainly because hashtags are not as commonly used in Facebook, and because Facebook "followers" are more so referred to as "friends." There are even entire Twitter accounts dedicated to this hashtag, promising to get each account that follows and retweets more followers. While there are many, each will claim to be the original and will claim to work to gain followers.
Team Follow Back actually has quite a few twitter accounts, claiming to gain followers. Team Follow Back actually has quite a few twitter accounts, claiming to gain people followers
Basically, the point of this hashtag is for people who really want to gain their social network to band together. By?using the hashtag #teamfollowback, it is a promise to follow back any new followers. Therefore, each party gains a follower by using this method. It is a very popular method.
Analytics Analysis provided by Hashtags.org Analytics
The analytics show that each day, basically over 500,000 people use this hashtag daily, over the span of 2 months. It is a hashtag that will live forever, because many people are looking to gain followers and expand their social network. Looking for more followers? Use #teamfollowback! Just make sure to follow all the new followers.

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