Fallon's #WorstHolidayTradition Reveals Quirky Christmas Practices

December 26, 2012
Late Night host Jimmy Fallon (@jimmyfallon) invited his Twitter fans to share their family?s worst holiday practices by creating the hashtag #WorstHolidayTradition alongside the airing of his how. While we all practice certain traditions during Christmas season, there are some unique (and funny) things we do that make the holidays extra special and memorable. Below are the top tweets picked personally by Fallon. @HalBrennan tweeted: ?We always leave milk and cookies out on Christmas Eve, but find two empty beer bottles in the morning.? @ManningInc posted, ?The arms from Baby Jesus in our nativity scene broke off, so now we replace them with miniature pretzel sticks.? @graciebell06 tweeted, ?As each gift is opened my uncle yells, ?It?s a sports bra!? @ziggaplease tweeted, ?After unwrapping a present, we ball up the paper and throw it at the ceiling fan and cheer when someone gets hit in the face.? @m0d0k posted, ?After our Christmas dinner, my family gets out a cuff to see whose blood pressure is the highest.? @kelseymh stated, ?We aren?t allowed to open any presents if we don?t have these on.? He further shared a picture of his family wearing red or green sweaters and stripe pajamas. Other posts shared on the hashtag #worstholidaytradition include the following: @Hasty3000 tweeted, ?Driving to a church to find out it doesn?t have a service at that time.? @mur_dawg shared, ?Having to choose one family dinner over another.? @ClintMcComb tweeted, ?3rd straight X-Mas night driving back to St. Louis from Chicago.? @MarkjewiczSarah posted, ?And here goes my mom's annual speech about how she thinks I don?t have a heart and will be a cat lady.? A lot of others shared weird dinner practices, gift-opening traditions and crazy family members. A lot of others are retweeting and inviting others to join the successfully trending topic even up to this writing. Jimmy Fallon gathered his favorites and shared these on his late night show last December 20, 2012. Here's a video of the segment.

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