Using TweetDeck For Twitter? You Can Stop Now

March 8, 2013
Social media site Twitter will be removing TweetDeck apps for iPhone, Android and Facebook beginning May 2013. Initially, the apps will no longer be available from app stores. Later on, the apps will completely stop working. If you've been dependent on TweetDeck to manage your social media presence, this is the time to start learning something new. The move is part of Twitter?s plans to transfer users to its first-party apps as it stabilizes its position in the market against other popular services and apps. The increased focus on the web apps triggered the company to increase its team size by twice as many. TweetDeck was acquired by Twitter in 2011 with a lot of Twitter users relying on it since. The announcement was made via a TweetDeck blog post, where Twitter shared how TweetDeck used to be one of the main apps used by computer and mobile device users. The company further cited how users invested heavily on Twitter for mobile devices and other functions and features.


The move will be affecting a lot of users so the company didn't waste time in forwarding their apologies in advance. Twitter stated that it will be focusing on web-based versions of TweetDeck to address the special needs of various users. As a result, support will no longer be available for TweetDeck for iPhone, TweetDeck AIR and TweetDeck for Android. The company is protecting its API in the process. Currently, mobile apps on TweetDeck depend on 1.0 API, but Twitter will be removing it in March 2013. A couple of months later, AIR and mobile versions will be unavailable. Desktop users should expect to continue enjoying the service for a few more days. The move to eliminate TweetDeck from social media site Facebook seems to be another move by Twitter against the former in its ongoing online battle that started in December 2012. The app lets users view their updates and tweets on Facebook. Facebook users should expect to notice the changes in the next few days.

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